New terminals for the CISC's Interoperability Tests

CISC adds new POS terminals to their Interoperability tests.

CISC adds the latest Ingenico PCDs in their NFC interoperability.


CISC received the prestigious Carinthian Export Prize 2014

Based on achievements in the last year and the worldwide acceptance of our products and services CISC Semiconductor was awarded the Carinthian Export Prize 2014. A very big thanks to our dynamic and innovative team and all our customers who believed in our products and services.

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NFC coexistence had integrated many technologies seamlessly.
CISC Semiconductor offers fully automatic NFC Interoperability test solutions.
With the current advancements in the NFC environment, NFC optimization is a highly vital topic.
NFC communication is currently present in various applications.
The current NFC environment shows a rise in the usage of NFC enabled devices as identification documents and way of secure payment process.
Secure NFC payments are the main focus for many of the current NFC vendors.
CISC semiconductor helps designing contact less terminals for all our customers.
CISC Semiconductor is a leading NFC designing, NFC consulting and NFC testing company.
NFC security is a very important criterion for all contact less payments. CISC Semiconductor provides consulting and designing solution required for all issues related to NFC security.
CISC Semiconductor has very high NFC competence resulting due to its experience for the last 15 years offering innovative solutions in all topics related to NFCs and RFID.
The performance of NFC tags and devices is highly important for the correct end user application. 

NFC testing covers verifying of interoperability between different Near Field Communication (NFC) devices, providing protocol testing, offering debugging and looking at the general performance and conformance of the NFC devices.